Cream Cheese Chicken Enchiladas

Cream Cheese Chicken Enchiladas: A Flavorful Tex-Mex Delight

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Indulge in a Tex-Mex culinary adventure with our Cream Cheese Chicken Enchiladas recipe! These creamy, cheesy enchiladas are bursting with flavor and sure to become a family favorite. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or simply craving a comforting meal, these enchiladas are a delicious choice. Let’s dive into the recipe and learn how to make this mouthwatering dish from scratch.

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Gather the following ingredients to create these tantalizing Cream Cheese Chicken Enchiladas:

  • 8-10 flour tortillas
  • 1 (8 oz.) package cream cheese, room temperature, divided [1/2 and 1/2]
  • 1-2 (4 oz.) cans green chiles
  • 3 cups cooked chicken, shredded
  • 2 cups Mexican blend cheese, grated, divided [1 cup; 1 cup]
  • 2 cups low-sodium chicken broth
  • 3 tablespoons unsalted butter
  • 3 tablespoons all-purpose flour
  • 1 tablespoon lime juice
  • 1 teaspoon cumin
  • 1/2 teaspoon chili powder
  • Kosher salt and freshly ground pepper, to taste
  • Fresh cilantro, garnish, optional


Let’s embark on the culinary journey of preparing these delightful Cream Cheese Chicken Enchiladas:

Step 1: Prepare the Filling

  1. In a mixing bowl, combine half of the cream cheese (4 oz.), green chiles, shredded chicken, and 1 cup of Mexican blend cheese. Mix well to ensure all ingredients are evenly distributed.

Step 2: Assemble the Enchiladas

  1. Preheat your oven to 375°F (190°C). Grease a 9×13-inch baking dish.
  2. Spoon the chicken mixture onto each flour tortilla, then roll them up and place them seam side down in the prepared baking dish.

Step 3: Prepare the Sauce

  1. In a saucepan, melt the unsalted butter over medium heat. Stir in the all-purpose flour and cook for 1-2 minutes until lightly browned.
  2. Gradually whisk in the low-sodium chicken broth until smooth. Cook, stirring constantly, until the sauce thickens, about 5-7 minutes.
  3. Stir in the remaining cream cheese (4 oz.), lime juice, cumin, chili powder, salt, and pepper. Continue cooking until the cream cheese is fully melted and the sauce is smooth and creamy.

Step 4: Bake the Enchiladas

  1. Pour the sauce evenly over the assembled enchiladas in the baking dish. Sprinkle the remaining 1 cup of Mexican blend cheese over the top.
  2. Cover the baking dish with aluminum foil and bake in the preheated oven for 20-25 minutes, or until the cheese is melted and bubbly.

Step 5: Garnish and Serve

  1. Remove the foil from the baking dish and garnish the enchiladas with fresh cilantro, if desired.
  2. Serve the enchiladas hot, accompanied by your favorite sides such as rice, beans, or a crisp salad.

Cook Notes and Variations:

  • Tortilla Options: Feel free to use corn tortillas instead of flour tortillas for a more traditional taste.
  • Additional Fillings: Customize your enchiladas by adding diced onions, bell peppers, or black beans to the filling mixture.
  • Spice Level: Adjust the amount of green chiles and chili powder according to your preferred level of spiciness.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

1. Can I make these enchiladas ahead of time?

Yes, you can assemble the enchiladas ahead of time and refrigerate them until ready to bake. Prepare the sauce separately and pour it over the enchiladas just before baking.

2. Can I use store-bought rotisserie chicken for this recipe?

Absolutely! Using pre-cooked rotisserie chicken is a convenient option and adds delicious flavor to the enchiladas.

3. How do I store leftovers?

Store any leftover enchiladas in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 3-4 days. Reheat individual portions in the microwave or oven until heated through.

Keto and Low-Carb Version:

For a keto-friendly or low-carb version of these enchiladas, consider the following modifications:

  • Replace the flour tortillas with low-carb or keto-friendly tortillas made from almond flour or coconut flour.
  • Use full-fat cream cheese and cheese, and opt for low-carb green chile sauce or salsa.
  • Skip the flour in the sauce and use a low-carb thickening agent such as xanthan gum or almond flour.

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Treat yourself to the savory goodness of our Cream Cheese Chicken Enchiladas, a delightful Tex-Mex dish that’s perfect for any occasion. With their creamy filling, flavorful sauce, and cheesy topping, these enchiladas are sure to impress even the pickiest of eaters. So gather your ingredients and get ready to savor every bite of this irresistible comfort food. Enjoy!

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healty meal, low carbs meals, keto meal


healty meal, low carbs meals, keto meal

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