Pan “Fried” Honey & Cinnamon Bananas (Easy)

Deliciously Simple: Pan “Fried” Honey & Cinnamon Bananas

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Experience Sweet Satisfaction with Minimal Effort

Prepare to tantalize your taste buds with our irresistible Pan “Fried” Honey & Cinnamon Bananas recipe! This easy-to-make dish combines the natural sweetness of bananas with the warm flavors of honey and cinnamon for a delightful treat that’s perfect for breakfast, dessert, or anytime snacking. With just a handful of ingredients and a few minutes of cooking time, you can whip up a batch of these delectable bananas to enjoy on their own or as a topping for yogurt, oatmeal, or ice cream. So, let’s dive into the recipe and discover the joy of simple yet satisfying flavors!

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  • 1 banana (not fully ripe, best with slightly green banana), sliced 1/4 to 1/3 inch thick
  • Coconut oil (or olive oil)
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons water
  • 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon (use less or more to suit your taste preference)


  1. Preparation:
    • Start by slicing the banana into rounds, approximately 1/4 to 1/3 inch thick. It’s best to use a banana that is not fully ripe, as it will hold its shape better when cooked.
  2. Heat the Oil:
    • In a skillet or frying pan, heat a small amount of coconut oil or olive oil over medium heat. Ensure the oil is evenly distributed across the surface of the pan.
  3. Pan “Fry” the Bananas:
    • Once the oil is hot, carefully add the banana slices to the skillet in a single layer, taking care not to overcrowd the pan.
    • Allow the bananas to cook for 1-2 minutes on each side, or until they are golden brown and caramelized.
  4. Prepare the Honey & Cinnamon Glaze:
    • While the bananas are cooking, prepare the honey and cinnamon glaze. In a small bowl, mix together the honey, water, and cinnamon until well combined.
  5. Drizzle with Glaze:
    • Once the bananas are cooked to perfection, reduce the heat to low and drizzle the honey and cinnamon glaze over the bananas in the skillet.
    • Allow the glaze to simmer for an additional 1-2 minutes, coating the bananas evenly and infusing them with sweet, aromatic flavor.
  6. Serve Warm:
    • Remove the skillet from the heat and transfer the pan-fried honey and cinnamon bananas to a serving plate.
    • Serve the bananas warm and enjoy them as a delicious snack, dessert, or topping for your favorite dishes.

Cook’s Notes and Variations:

  • Nutty Crunch: Add a sprinkle of chopped nuts such as almonds, pecans, or walnuts over the bananas for added texture and flavor.
  • Coconut Craze: For a tropical twist, sprinkle shredded coconut over the bananas along with the honey and cinnamon glaze.
  • Ice Cream Delight: Serve the pan-fried bananas over a scoop of vanilla ice cream for an indulgent dessert option.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: Can I use ripe bananas for this recipe? A: While ripe bananas can be used, they may become mushy when cooked. Slightly green bananas hold their shape better and provide a firmer texture.

Q: Can I use maple syrup instead of honey? A: Yes, maple syrup can be used as a substitute for honey in this recipe. Adjust the sweetness according to your taste preference.

Q: Can I make this recipe ahead of time? A: Pan-fried honey and cinnamon bananas are best enjoyed fresh to preserve their texture and flavor. However, you can prepare the honey and cinnamon glaze in advance and reheat it before serving.

Q: Can I make this recipe keto-friendly or low-carb? A: Yes, you can make a keto-friendly or low-carb version of this recipe by using a sugar-free sweetener such as erythritol or monk fruit sweetener instead of honey. Serve the bananas with unsweetened whipped cream or coconut cream for a low-carb dessert option.

Keto and Low Carb Versions:

For Keto Version:

  • Substitute honey with a keto-friendly sweetener such as erythritol or monk fruit sweetener.
  • Serve the bananas with unsweetened whipped cream or coconut cream for a keto-friendly dessert option.

For Low Carb Version:

  • Choose a low-carb sweetener such as erythritol or stevia for the honey and cinnamon glaze.
  • Serve the bananas with low-carb toppings such as Greek yogurt or sugar-free ice cream.

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In conclusion, our Pan “Fried” Honey & Cinnamon Bananas recipe is a delightful celebration of simple ingredients and delicious flavors. Whether enjoyed as a snack, dessert, or topping, these caramelized bananas are sure to satisfy your sweet cravings and leave you craving more. With just a few minutes of cooking time and a handful of ingredients, you can create a dish that’s as easy to make as it is delicious to eat. So, fire up your skillet, slice up some bananas, and get ready to savor the sweet, cinnamon-kissed goodness of this delightful treat!

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healty meal, low carbs meals, keto meal

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